Lesson 11: Bhutan


This week in music class All Around This World travels to Bhutan, a purposefully distant Himalayan land. 


OVERVIEW: Bhutan is an ancient kingdom secluded high in the Himalayas with unique customs and people with deeply held beliefs . . .”

MUSIC: The majority of music performed in Bhutan today is still traditional, accompanying Buddhist rituals and/or celebrating the King . . .

LANGUAGE: The three most commonly spoken languages in Bhutan are Dzongha in the west, Sharchopka in the east  . . .

WHEN YOU GO THERE: Traveling to Bhutan is complicated. While Bhutan doesn’t actually keep quotas of tourists, foreign visitors must pay substantial fees to government-approved tour companies for the privilege . . .

BLESSED RAINY DAY: In music class during our week of Bhutanese exploration we enjoy the Bhutanese holiday called Blessed Rainy Day, which celebrates the end of monsoon season in Bhutan

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