Hungary–When you go there is almost giddy about Hungary. “There’s no place like Hungary,” starts the LonelyPlanet Hungary page, which goes on to praise this tiny country whose millennium-old language and equally ancient culture are unique in the region. While Hungary is a naturally beautiful nation that will afford you many opportunities to ride horses, catch fish and bird-watch (if you’re into such things), if you’re more of a city lover you’ll love Budapest, which the Soviets rebuilt extensively after World War II. (LonelyPlanet calls the city “splendid.”) Want to visit thermal spas? Hungary has them, sure, but it’ll do you one better…Hungary is home an the world’s second-largest thermal lake. Would you rather be on solid ground? Hungary boasts the largest natural grasslands in Europe. Hungary may have had a tricky economic time in the ’90s, but has emerged as “the star performer and most interesting destination of the new Europe.”

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