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Lesson 10: Barbados - Online education for kids

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Lesson 10: Barbados


This week in music class we head to Barbados, an island that was a British colony for three hundred years, and today promotes itself as a place to “Discover. Dream. Enjoy.” That sounds lovely.

OVERVIEW:  If you’re really old-school you’ll call it Ichiroughanaim….

LANGUAGE: The Bajan language is good good good.

WHEN YOU GO THERE:  A visit to naturally glorious Barbados will take you back into the island’s colonial past.

LANDSHIP: A unique and complex African-Barbadian tradition that mimics the British navy as it simultaneously references West African folk life and the Middle Passage.

Explore the All Around This World songs from Barbados:

[mappress mapid=”15″ center=”13.2, -59.5″ zoom=”11″]

Explore these musical genres from Barbados:

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”13.2, -59.5″ zoom=”11″]

Explore these instruments from Barbados:

[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”13.2, -59.5″ zoom=”11″]


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