Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.

On the surface, Vanuatu’s Flickr slideshow bears a real resemblance to that of New Caledonia–the beaches, the dense, green hills, the sunsets and the smiles. There are also cascading waterfalls, fruit and veggie markets and this quite-close volcano. What more could you want? Oh, yes. Adorable children. Search for “Vanuatu children” and you’ll find no shortage of smiles.

Port Vila-based Meemeen, in his Aminus3 Photoblog “From the Beginning,” tells very a similar story of Vanuatu, more than filling our quota of photos of adorable ni-Vanuatu kids–kids in face paint, kids tumbling into the water, kids jumping really high or kids just staring at the sea, watching the world go by. (though some of the blog’s most striking photos are not from Vanuatu but of a Fijian firedance.)

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