Country: the Philippines
Language: Tagalog

A well-known Filipino folk song.

Lyrics of All Around This World version:

Sitsiritsit butterfly
Sitsiritsit butterfly
Take this child my oh my
Sitsiritsit butterfly

Lyrics of original version:

Sitsiritsit, alibangbang
salaginto, salagubang
Ang babae sa lansangan
kung gumiri parang tandang

Santo Niño sa Pandacan
Puto seko sa tindahan.
Ayaw mong magpautang?
Uubusin ka ng langgam.

Ale, ale namamayong,
pasukubin yaring sanggol
pagdating sa Malabon
ipagpalit ng bagoong.

Mama, mama, namamangka
pasakayin yaring bata
Pagdating sa Maynila
ipagpalit ng manika


Hey, hey, butterfly
beetle me, oh, beetle my.
Watch that girl on the block;
she poses like a fighting cock.

Blessed child of Pandacan,
Rice biscuits on a stall.
Why won’t you give me a loan?
The pesky ants will get you soon.

Miss, miss, with parasol,
keep this baby in the shade.
When you get to Malabon,
trade him for some fishy paste.

Sir, sir, on the boat,
take this child and go off.
In Manila, at the mall,
trade him for a nicer doll.

There are certainly a lot of versions on YouTube.

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