Nanu Nanu Ney

An All Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson about Ethiopia -- "Nanu Nanu Ney" -- an Ethiopian dance song

A phenomenally funky Ethiopian dance song by Muluken Melesse. In class we use the song as background music as we dance the shoulder shaking Eskista, which you can see here, and which is believed to have inspired the Harlem Shake.)

Country: Ethiopia
Language: Amharic

Genre: Ethiopian jazz

Muluken Melesses’s “Nanu Nanu Ney”

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Engineering: Amon, Studio Brooklyn, New York


  • Habte Awalom (Ethiopia, Vocals)
  • Jon Natchez (U.S., Horns)
  • Sean Dixon (U.S., Bass/Drums)

(c) Muluken Gesesse. Used by Jay Sand with permission.

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