19. Ahora es Cuando es

Teach Kids About Cuba -- Ahora es Cuando es -- Spanish Carnival SongA Spanish carnival song arranged in the style of a conga from Santiago de Cuba. You can hear a bit of percussion from original from the Smithsonian Folkways album “Carnaval in Cuba.” In Havana, Cuba’s capital, musical performances during “carnaval” are most often presented to the community as a formal performance, while in Santiago de Cuba the Carnival parade is composed of members of the community–the audience and the parade are one.

Country: Cuba
Language: Spanish
Genre on CD: Conga
Instruments on CD: much hand percussion, Bottles, CampanasLYRICS OF ALL AROUND THIS WORLD VERSION

Ahora es cuando es, ahora es cuando es

Now is the time, now is the time

Join the conga party in Santiago de Cuba

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Percussion, vocals, engineering: Arturo Stable
Vocals: Jay Sand
Trombone: James Negron

Trumpet: Nelson Miranda

Some vocals engineered by Erich Muller

Original is "Ahora es Cuando es -- Now is the Time," © Alpha Film Music on behalf of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, translation and arrangement by Jay Sand with permission, Instrumental arrangement by Arturo Stable
Listen to an original version on the Smithsonian Folkways release, "Carnaval in Cuba."

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