All Around This World Sample Lesson

All Around This World is launching a super-sized lessons section of the site soon — many freebies, others available for just a couple dollars through a site like TeachersPayTeachers.

Each lesson will come to you as an interactive multimedia pdf featuring a teacher training video, contextualizing background information, a color and black and white lesson overview printable to hand to students in class and other goodies.

Each celebration, dance or project lesson will include:
— step-by-step teaching procedures
— assessment and discussion suggestions
— common core and standards information

Song-by-song lessons will almost all include:

— an embedded mp3 of the song from an All Around This World CD
— a “bouncing ball” sing-along video
— lyrics
— musical notation

Want a sample? Click on any of the images below to get to an interactive PDF.

This lesson introduces you to the Amagunjju, an exuberant royal dance from Uganda.


















Curious? Contact Jay to learn more.