The All Around This World Culture-Bearer Project

AATW Culture-bearer project

An enthusiastic update about the All Around This World “Culture-bearer project,” a passionately ambitious project to replace me (Jay) as the primary teacher of international songs, dances and cultural experiences in all All Around This World recorded lesson videos with inspirational “CULTURE-BEARERS” — educators who have a direct ancestral and/or other profound connection to the lesson at hand.

I love being a teacher who you and your kids trust to introduce you both to songs and dances from over 100 countries. I appreciate that my role is to lead my students in a joint exploration of All Around This World’s global songs, dances and celebrations, as we learn about the cultural experiences with open hearts, but from the “outside.”

Over the course of the ’22 – ’23 school year All Around This World has been working more and more global culture-bearers to create videos introducing all of All Around This World’s cultural experience lessons straight from the heart. YAY!

Watch this space in the spring of 2023 for debuts of videos — like the one pictured in this post, of Rafael of the Sandunga Dance School from Cuba, teaching the cha cha cha — that introduce songs, dances and holiday celebrations that originate from countries such as:

Argentina (Marcelo teaches tango), Bulgaria (Tedy teaches Bulgarian rhythms), Chile (Orietta teaches the Cueca), Cuba (Sandunga teaches the cha cha cha), Georgia (Ivlita and Tatlui teach about Supras), Ghana (Moses teaches Kpanlogo), Haiti (Dieufel teaches Rara), Hungary (Krisztina teaches Hungarian dance), Malawi (Chisomo and friends teach the Malipenga), Mexico (Magaly teaches Son Jarocho dancing), Moldova (Stas teaches about accordions), the Philippines (Esther teaches tinikling), Romania (Mihail teaches Romanian dance), Trinidad (Mark teaches Exetmpo)…and many more.

If you are an educator who would like to share elements of your culture with my young students, be in touch.