Pillars of Hip Hop: Breaking

This week in our online classes we exlpore the five “pillars” of hip hop. Today: B-boying! Break dancing, known more commonly as “Breaking” or “B-boying,” originated on the streets of New York in the 1970s and ’80s, mainly among African-American and Puerto Rican youth, but has since spread worldwide. “B-boys” and “b-girls” took to street corners to demonstrate their dancing, using cardboard at their dance floor and the city as their arena. The term “breaking” may have originated as a ’70s as a slang term for becoming excited or causing an uproar. It may also refer to dance moves which would take place on the “breaks,” the drum beats that stand out fill the space between a song’s lyrics. In this video we meet some masterful B-boys  from the ’80s.  Yeah!

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