A “crocodile zither” is a thing

The Burmese crocodile zither really exists.

This six-stringed instrument — the “mi-gyuang” — originated with Burma’s Mon people. Why is it shaped like a crocodile? We at All Around This World don’t usually quote YouTube comments, but we want a comment by Soe San Aung on this crocodile zither video to be true: “Because it was based on a traditional folk story of Mon people,…In the story, a prince went across a river daily with boat to meet his lover. When his father knew that, he wasn’t allowed to go. But he tried to cross the river with his friend crocodile called Nga-moe-rait. His planned to hide in the mouth of a crocodile and cross through the river . His idea became succeed but one day the crocodile forgot to float on water and became swim in the water.He even forgot that he was carrying the prince. So the prince died in his mouth. When the crocodile apologized the king, he forgave and let knew the princess in other river bank. When she knew the news,she became confused and very sad about her lover and she died with her sadness. The people from two kingdom held funeral in the same day and they burned them and let them to go far away. The smokes appeared from the two funerals in each bank of the river combined at the sky and a rainbow was appeared in the sky. The king of the prince very sad and he made an instrument with the shape of crocodile and he listened the song of these instrument whenever he missed his son.” True? Let’s say, true.

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