The First Thing you Need is an Auger

In Greenland, Iceland and other Nordic countries the winters are darned cold, and with darned cold comes icy ponds that are right for fishin’. After eons of fishing in the cold the Inuit have figured out what to do to conquer the thick ice that sits between all of us and our very chilly fish. To carry on with contemporary Inuit ice fishing all we need is:

— an ice auger: a large drill to cut through the ice
— a spud: an ice-pick shaped like a wedge
— a “split shot”: a lead weight
— a “jigging rod”: a regular fishing rod, and
— a “tip up”: a contraption that allows you to lower a line down into the ice and that “tips up” a spring-loaded flag to alert you when the fish takes your bait so you can reel in the fish by hand. So let’s go!