Saying Goodbye to Europe (but not in the “Brexit” sort of way)

All Around This World Western Europe "Everywhere Map"

We got there! Over the last three months you, your kids and I, together, have traveled from one end of Western Europe to the other, making music with everyone from Greenlandic poets to Spanish anti-Fascists, from headbanging Germans to seafaring French, from soul-searching Greeks to frolicking Swedes. Along the way we were bitten by poisonous spiders, toppled the French monarchy, made fun of our friends in ancient Maltese and ate really stinky fish. We may have jumped into this season thinking we knew a lot about European music, but then we realized that what we really knew was just a couple songs by the Rolling Stones. We never realized the depth and diversity of European music and the so many things the so many musical styles say about the so many fascinating groups of people there.

This week we’ll bounce around the region just a bit more, singing songs from here and there, remembering, fondly, our days in Europe’s west.