“Top of the World, Ma!” — Climb Everest with your Kids

We end our week of explorations in Nepal by climbing Mt. Everest with our children. How do we do this…other than CAREFULLY? Well, after introducing Nepal and Mt. Everest to our children, we imagine a triumphant climb in seven short steps:

1. Collect our climbing gear, meet a Sherpa guide, and a yak

2. Start with a 6-8 day trek from Lukla to Base Camp at 17, 600 feet.

3. Scale the Khumba Icevall and sleep at Camp 1

4. Go through the Valley of Silence (a glacial valley with little wind)

5. Sleep at Camp 2, Go through unfortunately-named “Death Zone” to Camp 3. (You can tell your kids about “Death Zone” or leave that one out.)

6. Summit! Start at midnight, rest on “The Balcony” and see the sun rise, summit is 28,700 feet.

7. Climb down in reverse. Go home and brag to all your friends.

See you in class next week — Bhutan!