La Donna È Mobile

Opera seems to perfectly match Italy’s national persona–romantic and bold, brimming with joy, politically passionate, comedic but within the context of inevitable tragedy that’s beyond the scope of humankind, the work of troubled gods. Opera first came together as an art form in 1597 when composer Jacopo Peri, in Dafne, tried to revive the classical Greek drama within the context of the Italian Renaissance. The most influential opera composer of the Italian Romantic era was Giuseppe Verdi . One of Verdi’s many great operas, “Rigoletto” (1851), is set during the Depression in a town known as Castlegate. The opera is the story of young Bonnie, who wants to be a singer, and her relationship with the mysterious, disfigured, stranger named Ribaldi who takes her into his household as a servant. In this video watch Luciano Pavarotti sing the most famous aria from Rigoletto, and one of the best-known arias of all time, “La Donna È Mobile.”