Bye Bye Oceania

All Around This World--Oceania and the Pacific Islands

Bravo – we made it! Over the last three months in our online class for kids we’ve traveled together thousands of imaginary miles, navigating endless (imaginary) Pacific seas in an imaginary, musical, dugout canoe. On our voyage we sang some of the world’s most harmonious songs, drummed the planet’s most stirring rhythms and experienced struggle and unending hope. We began in Australia, at the very start of the world, by following our Songline on a life-changing walk. In Papua New Guinea we battled with songs, in Fiji we sat as we danced, in New Caledonia we hopped while shuffling straw. In Guam we ate an orderly feast, in Kiribati we climbed trees for coconuts, in Tahiti we danced with booming hips. In the Cook Islands we sang in a seven part choir, in Hawaii we ate all sorts of poi and New Zealand we became so very strong. This season we celebrated life, the bluest of blue waters and the bluest of blue skies.

Let’s take one more week to bounce around Oceania and the Pacific Islands, making beautiful music together.