Wat den Noper seet

Luxembourg, which shares borders with Belgium, Germany and France, has always been both small in land mass and large in European strategic importance. At Luexombourg’s heart is a fortress around which a town developed at the turn of the first millennium. The Luxembourg family (the House of Luxembourg) dominated the fortress for a few hundred years until the mid-1400s when the Luxembourgs experienced a financial crisis and sold the land. A succession of families and countries, such as France, owned Luxembourg, and it generally found a way to remain independent. Today it’s a representative democracy with a constitutional monarchy attached; Luxembourg’s monarch is known as the Grand Duke.

Luxembourg’s culture mixes customs from France and Germany and its food is a mix of French and German and Belgian food. Luxembourg is trilingual, with French, German, and the German-related Luxembourgish as its main languages. Luxembourg also boasts a diverse array of modern musicians–indie rockers, jazz pianists, rappers, and even, as we see in this video, the uncategorizable Serge Tonnar.