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The Kwadril is not “square”

Let’s square up and dance the Kwadril!

The St. Lucian Kwadril (“Quadrille”) is highly choreographed Creole folk dance and accompanying music style based on the European quadrille. In both dances, as we see in this video, four couples dance in a square, following intricate moves, like American Square Dance. Lucians accompany the kwadril by playing, as says Wikipedia, the cuatro, a rattle, the chakchak, bones called zo, a violin, banjo, mandolin and guitar.

An even cooler Kwadril

And then we danced the St. Lucian Kwadril….

Yesterday we enjoyed a video of the St. Lucian Kwadril, joining delightful dancers, dressed to the nines in traditional “quadrille” outfits — a group of primary school students performing at the Choiseul Village Council swearing-in ceremony. Today we share this video of a non-costumed group from St. Lucia dancing a kwadril that is less formal and, I’d say, at least 1.3 times the fun.