This week in class: HONDURAS

All Around This World map of Latin America featuring Honduras

This week in our online class for kids we travel to Honduras, where, about 1500 years ago the land was the site of a major Mayan kingdom known as Xukpi (Copán).  The Mayan population declined by about the year 900, but there were still non-Mayan inhabitants around when Columbus and other Spaniards landed in the early 16th century. In 1537 the warrior Lempira unified two hundred Native American tribes in an effort to expel the Spanish and made a strong stand at the fortress of Cerquín.  The Spanish captain invited Lempira to a peace conference, ordered a marksman to shoot him and then, after he fell to his end from the high cliffs, chased his warriors away.

Not good.

In our class we’ll tell a much more pleasant tale as we meet the Garifuna people learn about their unique history. As we do we will shake our bottoms while dancing the Punta. Our dancing will be technically embarrassing yet unrelentingly awesome.