If Zaz was busking you would definitely give her a franc

Zaz is a modern French singer who you simply must know….
“Chanson” literally means “song,” but when used to refer to the genre of French vocal song and singers, the term broadly cover French musicians from epic Old French “chanson de geste” to 12th and 13th century lyric poems known as “grand chant,” to Burgundian chansons of the 14th and 15th centuries, to 15th and 16th century Parisian chansons, all the way through French chansons of today. Since the early 20th century the term “chanson” has broadened to encompass almost all vocal music from France, from playful music hall vaudeville of the kind Maurice Chevalier sang and which thrived in Paris between World Wars I and II through modern French “chanteuses” (female chanson singers) of the ’60s and ’70s like the Egyptian-Italian born, French-raised Dalida, all the way up to modern French-language singers like Carla Bruni. All Around This World loves current French chanteuse is Isabelle Geffroy, who is known by her nickname, ZAZ. We know you’ll enjoy this video of her busking with her hit “Je veux.”

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