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Looking for a kids music class in West Philly? You found it. 

Jay Sand teaching an All Around This World kids music class in West Philly

Jay Sand teaching an All Around this World class

Hi friends!

Before I tell you about the content of the season, which requires a little explanation, here the details of the schedule. Summer season 2019 classes May 16th and the first Saturday classes take place on May 18th. The Thursday classes will go 11 straight weeks, with the exception of Thursday, July 4th and Thursday, July 18th, and end August 8th. The weekend classes will take place on Saturdays until the end of June, then Sundays until mid- August. Why? I’ll be going away for the second half of June, through July and into August. While I’m gone, my friend Jake Sapon will be teaching in my place. When he starts teaching he’ll move Saturday classes to Sunday. Also, when Jake starts teaching there will not be a Thursday noon babies-only class at the Nesting House; all babies will be welcome at 9:30 or 10:30 at 4336 Pine.

That’s confusing!! So, as of this update, here are the remaining classes:

Thursdays at 9:30 and 10:30: at 4336 Pine

June 20, June 27, July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8
There will be NO CLASS Thursday July 4th and Thursday July 11th.

Thursdays at noon, babies-only

There will be no more Thursday babies-only classes at noon at the Nesting House this summer. All babies should come to my house at 9:30 or 10:30.

Weekends at 9:30 and 10:30

Saturday June 22, SUNDAY June 30, Sunday July 7, Sunday July 21, Sunday July 28, Sunday August 4, Sunday August 11
There will be NO WEEKEND CLASS Saturday May 25th or Sunday July 14th.

Now for the content.

This summer embark on a brand new season of All Around This World classes, one that in some ways is very different than the other seasons you may have experienced, though in most ways very much the same. The songs this season are all “Jewish” songs from around the world. I call the season SCATTERED AMONG THE NATIONS, referring to the fact that Jews have been “scattered” to many different parts of the globe since being exiled from Jerusalem two thousand years ago (and also to the name of a photography book to which I contributed a few chapters about Jewish communities in Africa).

I put “Jewish” in quotations because few of the songs in this season come from any sort of liturgy or have any direct relationship to the religious practices of Judaism. Instead, most of the songs will tell stories about the many cultures of Jews as they lived, and still do, in diverse communities in many countries. The background information I’ll share will provide some narratives of Jewish history but will focus more on the music Jews created in the nations where they lived. We’ll mention the religious observances in passing, but, even when learn about holidays and customs of Jews in different distant communities we’ll primarily focus on cultural observances. The songs in class will seem no different than any other — patting, clapping, shaking eggs, playing drums.

I had never planned to test my “Jewish” season of songs in my regular classes, but a few circumstances conspired to make that appear to be the best choice for this summer. In All Around This World classes I do try to be conscious of the many ways religions and cultures intertwine and note the effect that the dominant religion of a nation may have on its music, but I specifically avoid singing “religious” songs. This season some of the songs will sway in that direction, but we won’t sway too far.

Questions? Happy to answer them. I can’t promise you or your kids will learn anything in particular about Judaism over the next several weeks. But, as always, I promise fun.

E-mail or call 215-913-2679 with any questions.

Questions? Contact me.

All Around This World West Philadelphia location

How much will these wonderful classes cost me?

Regular registration for Wednesday All Around This World kids music class in West Philly costs $175 for each season of 11 weekly, 45 minute long parent/child classes. Saturday students pay $170 for class by buying a “10 class card” — you buy a card, I mark a class off each time you come. That way with my sporadic Saturday schedule and with yours, when you “miss” a class you really won’t be missing a class.

For Wednesdays first sibling: $136 (a 20% discount). Many discounts and scholarships are available at the West Philly location! (Look at the list below.) Do you have a playgroup or other group that would sign up together? If so you can get a great deal. If these discounts still don’t make the cut, ask me about the “pay what you can” plan.

How do I register?

Contact me and let me know you’re interested.  I’ll be very happy about that, and will get back to you soon.

Many Discounts for the All Around this World’s kids music class in West Philly!

All Around This World wants to support positive community work in West Philadelphia and beyond! Check the list below to see if you qualify for a 10% discount.

  • Do you have solar panels? You get a discount.
  • Do you have a green roof or a rooftop garden? You get a discount.
  • Do you have an active plot in a community garden? Discount….
  • Do you volunteer at Mill Creek Farm or for Preston’s Paradise?
  • Do you take classes at the University City Arts League, Studio 34 or Scribe Video?
  • Are you a member of the Mariposa co-op or Weaver’s Way?
  • Do you live in an LCA house?
  • Are you involved with any of the community, cultural or religious groups that have a home base at the Calvary Center?
  • Do you organize with the A-Space or the LAVA space?
  • Are you a member of the Friends of Clark Park?
  • Do you volunteer with UC Green?
  • Are you a Tree Tender?
  • Do you have a child in Jacqueline Unanue’s holistic art program?
  • Do you home school or unschool?
  • Are you a part of the West Philly pre-school co-op?
  • Are you a member of the West Philly Tool Library?
  • Are you involved with the Sustainable Business Network?
  • Does your child go to the Jubilee school?
  • Are you an organizer with WPEB 88.1, Neighborhood Bike Works, Spiral Q, the Human Rights Coalition, StopMAX, Books Through Bars, Geoclan, ACT-UP Philly, the Young Broadcasters of America, Food Not Bombs, the Philadelphia Independent Media Center or the Media Mobilizing Project?
  • Are you active in the Spruce Hill Neighborhood Association, Cedar Park neighbors or your local neighborhood assoction?
  • Are you part of the 52nd Street Business Association?
  • Do you volunteer with or do work with We Never Say Never or the People’s Emergency Center?

If you’re involved in any positive community work that’s not listed here, let me know.

Your 10% discount applies to all children in your family who you enroll in class. Limit: 10% off, even if answer yes to more than one of the above questions.


Do you want your child to attend All Around This World’s kids music class in West Philly but you really can’t afford it? Contact me and we’ll work something out.

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